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What You Should Know About Different Types Of Sergers

What You Should Know About Different Types Of Sergers

What Is A Serger

A serger is a specialized sewing machine. They’re different from sewing machines because they can use a differing number of needles and threads. We all know that sewing machines use a needle and thread to stitch two pieces of fabric together. Sergers work in a similar way to sewing machines but with a slight difference.

Let’s see what sergers can do.

What Does A Serger Do

A serger prevents your fabric from fraying at the edges. It uses a number of threads to do this, usually either 3, 4 or 5 depending on the type of stitch you want to make and the machine you have.

Sewing with serger.

Serger sewing is a lot faster and easier than using a sewing machine. The serger sews the seam, trims off the extra fabric and finishes the edges. This makes the seams more durable since the serged seam stretches but the seams from a sewing machine doesn’t stretch.

This is especially useful when you are sewing with non-stretchy fabrics. The serger tidies up the raw edges and prevents the fabric from fraying.

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